Why I'm really not going to MFF!

Man... seems like any of the folks I actually trust in the fandom or used to talk to at cons have been dying off lately... I guess this mean y'all are safe if you're on my shit list, and that's kind of a long list these days so you're all probably safe! If you're unsure, we can arrange for me to move you onto my shit list pretty easily I think. *nods*
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Stolen 66 Mustang (Davis/Sacto CA area)


I just got linked to this today via my mustang club. He got the car Sept 15th (earlier than he was told it would be done) at the Mustang Picnic with a big red bow on it as a surprise.

Latest update is:

"The Mustang was seen this morning in Sacramento by someone who saw the FOX Channel 40 news story. He said the license plates were changed, but said it was the car, had the dual red line tires on it. Del Paso Road and Natomas area. Police were called, but the car had left the Rite Aid before they arrived."

Correct plate on the car is a california black and gold "NLY 385" (sounds like those are no longer on the car though)
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Califur update

Not going, same as always. Gonna head up into Oregon and spend some time on the coast instead. Have fun folks.
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FC2011 Con Report!

It was awesome... probably!

I left Sac to head down there for a party last night and spent 45 minutes going 3/4s of a mile after someone decided to forget how to drive on the Yolo Causeway. After turning around I hooked up with I-5 south and took the normal, somewhat longer way down the gut of the valley. Made it to the hotel later than I wanted to, but went straight to the party upstairs and hung out and such till a wee bit later than I should have. Props to Pacer and Ip for helping me out with a spot to crash for a few hours before taking off this morning to head home. The hotel was a ghost town at 7:30 in the morning. I liked it that way. Very peaceful.

That's it. Awesome drama free con this time. No dealing with conflicting agendas, or people too full of themselves to get their heads on straight. I'll have to remember this model worked for next time.
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FC update

It was not my intention to attend this year, both for reasons of cost more than anything, and also because last year was enough of a disaster it left a very bitter taste in my mouth. There's a party Friday night I've been invited to, but I'll be leaving Sac to drive there after work and not staying overnight which is a 150 mile drive each way and about 3 hours of travel time each way. That's always the problem with visiting the bay area. It's a hell of a lot of driving for me just to pop in for a couple of hours and still make it home the same day.

Couple that with the work situation and the fact my garage is still a moldy mess and I've got other things on my plate anyway. The neighbor that owns that unit showed up today and we agreed the 65 is coming out of the garage on Sunday. The car is not running as I stopped working on it as soon as I saw the black mold on the ceiling. So next weekend we're either pushing the car into a neighboring garage or I'll hand it off to a local garage to put the motor back together.

Have fun at the con. I might stop in Friday night, but I wouldn't count on it.

This would've been my 10th FC in a row, although I ghosted one year already so that doesn't count eh?
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Big surprise, we're S.O.L.

Alright, so her plumber showed up this morning and I ran through the place with him. I'm not a plumber but I do understand pipe layouts and how the lines would've been laid out in the walls, so we agree on where the pipes run and that the water damage I showed you is nowhere near the pipes... again that should be a major concern. So the perfect storm scenario was laid out like this to us by the plumber.

The gal that lives there said she had no cold water in the morning. Sometimes people will shut off the water valves at the front of the building that control the cold water, so this is possible. Then she must have left the sink on and when the water came back on she wasn't there and it overflowed the bathroom sink. Bam, there's your cause. Simple enough eh?...

So ultimately he replaced the soft lines under the sink (from the wall tap to the faucets) and called it good for now. He acknowledges that she does have a real problem in there, he just can't specify what it is. And until something major happens she's not going to touch it. There's also lots of black mold inside there too from the water leaking, again not touching it.

The lady that lives there is fed up with it and staying in a hotel for now, but she says she's leaving and expects to be compensated for the hotel and some other things. She's taking it to the extreme really and I don't think (looking at how things are stacking up) she understands that she needs to take this to civil court to get anything good out of this situation.

I also called the county and there's no action that they can take. So at this point I'm not grossly affected by all of this, but it's a concern given that it's happening over my garage. Plus it's really unsettling to think of the living conditions in that place with soggy floorboards... what a mess this is becoming.
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What the fuck did I do to piss someone off up there so bad?

Jeezus H Crist what the hell did I do to piss off someone so bad up there this week?! So I get the call to go pick up my replacement tires for the Mazda. I go down there and they ring me up for twice the price I was expecting. I thought maybe they accidentally ordered a set of four instead of two tires. So I watched them working on the car and the guy comes out with the tires... which look distinctly not like what's on the car. The size is right sure... but they're summer performance tires with the stupid colored rubber strip so you can do colored smoke burnouts, not all season tires. He tells me that's what the computer says is the stock tires. And I say, buuuuuut they look nothing like the ones that are on the caaarrrrr... so he admitted he ordered the wrong ones and will be getting the right ones ordered... fuuuuck.

Now, that's just a speedbump of suck for today, cause this week hasn't been shit enough... soooo just for fun, we add shit! quite literally. I found water on the tire in the garage... and considering the corner I had it sitting in the last couple of days, that's VERY not normal. I turn on the light and look up to find...

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That ceiling was white yesterday by the way when I went in the garage. I think it's pretty goddamned obvious that the sewer pipe in the condo above my garage burst. I talked to the lady that rents the place upstairs and asked her if she had a leak. She was telling me that when she got home her carpets were wet and she had been using her steam cleaner for two hours on the rugs already. I told her that it looked like a sewer leak and she just stopped. *ewwwww* We both called her landlord who owns the condo. Her response was to call the repair man for the homeowners association, that was it.

She's also going to have "her" plumber come out and look at it in the morning. This guy ripped the hole in the ceiling you see in one picture and never fixed it when I had complained about a leak in the ceiling coming again from her unit. The seal on her tub drain has been leaking for over a year, but her special plumber claims it's coming from another unit. He explained this to me by showing me that the dripping coming from her tub was not coming from her tub by showing me the leak coming from her tub which was not coming from her tub... WTF? I let that slide because (a) I'm too nice and (b) she clearly wasn't going to admit fault and would've forced me to take her to court on it. This time I can't wait to see how he passes of the stains on the ceiling as something non-chalant. I am of course assuming that she won't step up and accept that she now has a *very* uninhabitable unit to rent.

I will be calling the county in the morning as well to make sure someone tests/checks to make sure that it is indeed sewage contamination, and that as such she fixes this right. I don't want black mold in my garage because of some fucking slum lord. If the county has to condemn the property to make sure that she fixes it, then I'm all for it. I told the lady renting there (and her two little girls) to get a hotel for the night and not sleep in there because of the contamination. That should be the first in a long line of bills the lady that actually owns that place should be getting for this mess. This is not going to be pretty, whether she admits to what's wrong or has to be forced into it. Sewage contamination inside of floors and walls is about the worst thing to have happen. This will not be an easy or cheap fix, but it's not on me to cover it, and that's a good thing at this point.

The 65 Stang is still stuck in the garage so I'll probably have them take it up to the house on a flatbed tow rig to clear the garage and charge her the bill for that mess. This is going to be a hell of an inconvenience and a mess no matter what.
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Holycrap!Holycrap!Holycrap! THEY FREAKING DID IT!!! FINALLY!!!

Now if I'm lucky my new tires will come in in time to drive to San Francisco for the victory parade.... *grumbles*

Thank you Giants! I was starting to think I'd never see it in my lifetime... huh, this must be what Bradhound felt like... minus the slashed tires thing >.>
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650 miles

That's how long my rear tires lasted on a two week old, brand fucking don't even have the paper plates off it yet car. Apparently last night someone took it upon themselves to puncture the sidewalls on a bunch of tires around here. So yeah somebody slashed my tires last night. My life is just full of so much win right now that yeah I actually had a good crying rant tonight kinda like a miniature version of what went down at FC. I can't afford this. The consolation that they only got two instead of all four really doesn't add much right now. Fuck everything.

The first person that suggest I should sell off one of my "many" Mustangs to pay for crap like this can go fuck themselves too.

Edit: Forgot to mention that two nights ago I went into the garage. It's a shared garage between units and my neighbor has a bunch of crap stacked on his side. Well the load shifted in the back and dumped some heavy framed artwork against the drivers door on the 65 Mustang gouging the fuck out of the door. The paint on the car isn't good enough for me to justify getting it repainted so I get to live with that too.

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Holy crap, GIANTS!

Holy crap Giants. (o.O)

Really... third time they've been here in my lifetime... not gonna get my hopes up just to have em dashed again... nooooot gonna believe it. LALALALALALA *looks the other way* The last time was bad enough when I was living in LA at the time and had to see all those damned Angels bandwaggoners running around with their cute little car flags and rally monkeys... buuurrrnn in hell you rally monkeys!!!
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